Mindfulness Based Coaching and Facilitation

At the heart of any mindfulness based intervention, is an openness to new perspectives and possibilities in our way of "being".

The primary intention of the MBSR curriculum is to create a structured pathway to relieve suffering and increase wellbeing for people facing a host of challenges arising from a wide range of medical and psychological conditions and the demands and stressors inherent in the everyday lives of human beings. (MBSR Authorised Curriculum Guide: 2017) 

This multi-faceted and evidence-based approach, in the Jon Kabat-Zinn lineage, has three distinct characteristics:

  1. It is secular. This means it is not connected to any religion. It simply explores our innate human capacity of awareness, which is available to all.
  2. It is non-pathologizing. The essence of the practice allows for conditions to arise, where the mind and the body can return to integration and wholeness. As Jon Kabat-Zinn says "as long as you are breathing , there is more right with you than there is wrong, no matter how ill or how hopeless you feel".
  3. It is transformational. With enough commitment and willingness to practice, sustainable change and transformation become possible.
  4. A note on Trauma Informed Mindfulness:

    After experiencing a difficult retreat in April 2019, I have been made increasingly aware of the need to deepen my understanding of the potential adverse effects of mindfulness practice for people struggling with trauma.

    As a result I have included suggestions offered in the "The First do no Harm" training which offers Foundational Competencies for Working Skillfully with Meditation – Related Challenges in my work and approach.

    The three thought leaders involved in this approach are: Willoughby Britton Ph.D; Jared Lindahl Ph.D; David Treleaven Ph.D (His book | Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness) – Offers an accessible clear direction for being trauma informed as a teacher of mindfulness programmes.

Mindfulness Based Programmes are best viewed as educational and invitational, rather than clinical interventions. They are not motivated to remove what is unwanted in your experience, but instead, they create an environment to encourage you to open up to all that you are, in the present moment, no matter what that is.

Mindfulness as an approach, emphasizes the importance of wholeness and "well-being". It aims to assist and support you to remain in the present moment and from that perspective, deal with whatever is arising, more effectively and skillfully.

This approach fosters radical self-directed transformation, by initiating insight into your direct experience, as it unfolds. 

An Invitation to pay attention:

Perhaps you can begin noticing, without judgement, where your attention is right now?

How does this show up and influence your body and emotional state?

I invite you to make a deliberate choice and decision about whether this is where you want your mind and attention to be right now?

Perhaps your intention in this moment, is to begin exploring new possibilities?


Welcome to INTROSPECT, where together we allow skilful transformative insight to emerge, one breath at a time. 



“ I never imagined I would find myself supporting individuals to grow their innate capacity to be present. I came to MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) in my early 30’s, at a time in my life when I felt very broken and overwhelmed. Mindfulness offered me insight into my vulnerability at the time. It opened my heart and allowed me to glimpse a possibility that there is another way to live. I was addicted to doing and seeking solutions outside of myself. I never knew that by simply “being”, I could find peace from my constant busy ruminative mind and compulsive behaviors. I am also aware that for some, the practice needs adjustment. Those that struggle with any form of past trauma or current crisis, need to be cautious and held with deep care. To that end, I continue to work in understanding trauma-informed mindfulness. I am aware of the responsibility and ethics required when working with clients." Mandy Johnson


Mindfulness in a Frantic World: Sustaining and Deepening Practice | Feeling Tone Course | ONLINE ZOOM

***NEXT COURSE STARTS MONDAY 21 SEPTEMBER  - ENDS 9 NOVEMBER 2020 - 6.00 - 8.00PM | Including Workbook emailers and MP3 Downloads of Meditations - R3000 for 8 weeks (Financial consideration is given to clients affected by our past and current reality. Partly sponsored "seats" offered)

"The aim of this course is to help people deepen their practice through exploring feeling tone. Based on meditations that are used in a retreat context, it invites participants to do short daily practices that are designed to help them to become aware of this aspect of the body and mind in daily life over 8 weeks." This course was designed by Mark Williams. Mark was a Professor of Clinical Psychology, Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Principal Research Fellow in the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry. Mark is one of the incredible team who designed Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) to prevent new episodes of depression.

Weekly Support and Insight Group: Adult Children of Dysfuntion and Alcoholism | ONLINE  ZOOM

*** NEXT COURSE STARTS 2021 - 6.00 - 7.15 | R300 per session x 10 session weekly 

The aim of this support group is to help people deepen their recovery through exploring emotional sobriety and cultivating deeper self-care and compassion. The essence of emotional sobriety is good self-regulation. Trauma-informed mindfulness practice is offered in a short format at the start of the group to support enhanced self-regulation. Emotional sobriety is an important next step in recovery. This group is designed to support understanding, to better equip you in overcoming compulsive thinking and addictive/compulsive behaviors.

"Adult children" refers to anybody who grew up in a home with a personality-disordered or alcholic parent or where an additional pattern of self-disempowerment arose as a result of the child having to adapt from an early age to a tyrannical, inconsistent, and invalidating environment in their family of origin.

MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION: * 2020 courses suspended due to CoVid19. January 2021 open.

  1. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) - 8 weeks | Co-facilitated in Claremont with Dr Danielle Klemp
    Download Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme      


  1. Adapted Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction -  Corporate | 8 weeks | On-site and adapted to Organisational needs | Co-facilitated in Claremont with Dr Danielle Klemp 
  2. 3 hour Mindfulness Based Stress and Resilience Workshops. 
  3. Experiential Well-being Coaching and Workshops * Launching 2021


  1. Mindfulness Based Well-being Coaching - Co-Dependency and Adult Child Recovery, Stress and Anxiety Reduction and Increasing Resilience and Mental Well-being.
  2. Integrative Enneagram Coaching - Intensive 8 week process of uncovering our core motivations, core beliefs, stress profile and centres of expression. 
  3. Tinnitus Distress Recovery Coaching - A mindfulness based approach to work skillfully with tinnitus and support the development of habituation to sound and ease with the condition. (90 Minutes session includes CBT Tools and Meditation support and referral to Audiologist)


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